Speech and Oral Therapy

Speech Therapy Program

Our speech therapy program is designed to use several different techniques to help the students reach their highest communication potential. These different techniques include:

  • Expressive and Receptive Skills
  • Augmentative/alternative communication (Using iPhone, iPad and other devices with Apps like Proloquo to Go, Tap to Talk, etc.)
  • Social /Pragmatics therapy
  • Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Functional Communication Training (Manding)
  • American Sign Language

Oral Motor Therapy

Oral motor therapy focuses on:

  • Developing oral motor differentiation, strength, range of motion and coordination necessary for speech production
  • Introducing new foods into a child’s diet using a systematic approach
  • Developing the child’s ability to suck, swallow, chew and blow
  • Our oral motor therapist has received training in the Beckman Oral Motor Program and speech dysphagia.
  • Sensory issues (picky eaters)